Chinese Cuisine with a California Twist

Before Ken Yang started running the restaurant, his sister was in charge of the restaurant and was quite successful in the years that she did so. Ken Yang was born in Taiwan and grew up in Japan. He later relocated to the United States and studied Aerospace engineering at Boston University. During his time as an engineer developing radar enhancement devices, Ken Yang always had his eyes set on the restaurant scene due to his family’s background in the restaurant business, especially the Mandarette Chinese Cafe. When Ken’s sister decided to retire in 2011, Ken Yang took up the mantle, serving as the head of the Chinese restaurant. Mandarette offers traditional Chinese cuisine without starch, MSG, and heavy sauces. Instead, the restaurant offers more healthy dishes. The establishment emphasizes on the quality of the meals, and the flavors feature a California twist. The restaurant also prides itself on an exclusively Chinese chef selection.

Anyday you walk into the Mandarette Chinese Cafe in Los Angeles and randomly ask any of the staff members what they would recommend, they will instantly recommend that you try the strawberry shrimp. This recommendation is not without reason. The strawberry shrimp is a delicacy that marvels. The shrimp dish is adorned with broccoli and sweet red strawberries. It is a first-rate meal and can be quite addictive to the palate.

An excellent side dish to accompany the various selections of vegetarian and meat dishes is the ginger brown rice. Scoop a heap of this flavourful rice onto your plate, add some savory chicken sauteed with asparagus served in a black bean sauce and what follows is one of the most delightful dining experiences. The asparagus is perfectly prepared and cut diagonally.

Another selection worth mentioning is the House Lo Mein topped with chicken, pork, shrimp, broccoli, mushrooms, edamame, snow peas, and bok choy. The noodles are pure and simple and have a tasty sauce.

The spicy poached cod in a soup filled with flavourful selection is a must-try if you are looking for that numbing feel on your palates. However, to avoid overly numbing your tongue, moderation is key. The Kung Pao Scallops adorned with sliced jalapenos is another excellent option at Mandarette Chinese Cafe. The pepper’s fiery flavors rarely reveal themselves. The scallop is embellished by al dente broccoli and crunchy cashews. The black peppercorn is equally delightful and also features broccoli and stallions. This meal pairs quite well with the ginger rice. The steamed eggplant and garlic noodles are great side selections. All the meals are delightful, and you will love your experience at Mandarette Chinese Cafe.

The 3 cup squid, chicken, or beef; is a traditional Taiwanese meal made using three ingredients; rice wine, sesame oil, and soy sauce. The squid, chicken, or beef is prepared in the broth until it is tender, after which the broth is reduced to a glaze coating the meat.