The Richness of Chinese Cuisine on the Menu

A symbolic Chinese comfort dish, braised beef noodle soup is found throughout Taiwan and China, the soup is rich with spices and Chinese herbs, and the beef is slowly-prepared to perfection. Topped with scallions and fresh spinach, it is the ultimate dish for dinner or lunch.

The Sichuan poached fish fillet traces its origins back to the Sichuan Cuisine. The approach used is, preparing the fish fillet from the fresh sole, and then cooking it with vegetable oil, minced garlic, chilly pod, Sichuan numbing pepper, alongside other spices. It creates a great mix of tender white meat fish, hot chili pepper spicy flavor, a touch of Sichuan pepper numbing sensation, and crispiness of the bean sprouts. It is quite a delight to the palate.

Another dish made in classic Sichuan style, incorporating Sichuan spices and pepper, is the spicy fiery shrimps. The crispy shrimp is stir-fried with minced garlic, chili pod, Sichuan pepper, scallion, and sliced ginger over sesame oil. To the shrimp lover, this dish is flavorful, appetizing, and scrumptious and leaves you craving for more even after you finish your dish.

When you walk into a Chinese-inspired restaurant, you expect to find traditional Chinese dishes such as lemon chicken, wonton soup, and kung pao shrimp. Mandarette Chinese Cafe adds modern, unexpected, and delightful twists–the crispy and delicious strawberry shrimp which is quick-fried with strawberries in a spicy and savory broth. Or, the Lobster Noodle which features a lobster tail garlic sauce and comes on a bed of egg noodles, lots of value per dollar!

Mandarette Chinese Cafe also offers a great selection of drinks to go with your dishes including, Coppola Merlot and Kirin beer. The cocktail menu features libations created from Tombu Premium Shochu that tastes like vodka and has 35 calories per ounce. The drinks can be transformed into festive cosmopolitans, screwdrivers, and Apple Martinis, among others. These drinks are gluten-free and sulfite, just as indicated on the menu. You can also try the establishment’s house-made ginger ale, which promises to combat all the spicy goodness and quench your thirst.

As for dessert, there are various delightful selections to complete your dining experience at Mandarette Chinese Cafe. The fried wontons with whipped cream and chocolate sauce is a must-try!

Mandarette Chinese Cafe is your one-stop-shop for an exquisite dining experience in traditional Chinese cuisine. Other than consistently providing great meal selections, the Mandarette Chinese Cafe can accommodate any food-restricted diets. With delicious gluten-free, omnivore, vegan, or vegetarian selections, there is something for everyone at the Mandarette Chinese Cafe. While there are several Chinese restaurants in the Los Angeles area, few to none can rival Mandarette’s authenticity. The establishment stands out from the pack by its contemporary eclectic Chinese meals that are always healthy and delectable. Whether you are a regular patron at the Mandarette Chinese Cafe, or it’s your first trip to the establishment, you will find something that delights your palate. A great and unforgettable cultural experience awaits you when you visit Mandarette Chinese Cafe!